Dear humble!

I have no idea, how the developer composition came to that site, in fact I brewed that composition a while ago…
This is the original thread.

The Developer works near to perfection, definitely comparable to stuff you can buy. The real trick is to be extremely correct in weighting the ingredients out, because only small deviations will lead to different activity and pH. A good scale is mandatory! A calibrated pH-meter no fault.

If you do use the formulations from the filmprocessing website, especially the proposed ferricyanide bleach the stop/clearing Bath is absolutely mandatory!! The bisulfite will catch developer residues and make them water soluble to prevent fogging due strong oxidants (ferricyanide).
So you should prewarm, develop, than stop/clear for 2 min. than rinse for 2 min. and then bleaching. After bleaching again a 2 min rinse, then to the fixing step followed by a good wash.

If you are unsure about the bleaching and fixing times, extend them to 6 min bleach and 8 to 10min fix, follow Geralds proposal with the increased sodium thiosulfate ammount, this is absolutly necessary!

Regards, Stefan