Lens cap for a recently acquired Artar, plus a quickie plywood lens board. The cap was made from a 2" ABS pipe cap, turned on a micro lathe and lined with some self adhesive velvet. The cap will also serve as a shutter. The boarded was made from a scrap of 1/2" Struct 1 plywood which I planed down to 3/8" thus giving the plywood a smooth finish and consistent thickness. I then cut the rabbets and bottom edge chamfer with my table saw. No flange for the lens, it just threads directly into the lens board. All my fears about this type of mounting have been aliviated now that the lens is frozen in the board. On the plus side the front element which was frozen is now free thanks to efforts to remove the lens from the board. Guess the lens is now dedicated to the 2D until I decide to destroy the board.