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Quick update:

Henk Mantel (Polder) has finished his list of vendors for emulsion making materials in the EU. It is an excellent resource and should put to rest any fears that handcrafted silver gelatin is out of reach of Europeans. Thanks, Henk!


Also, I've finished the first tutorial -- KCl Gaslight Paper. I hope there are some folks here who will finally dive in and make paper. In a month, we'll tackle dry plate. I have my fingers crossed that some of the younger members will give things a go. It would be very exciting to see fresh eyes making fresh art.


Hi to you all,

Thank you Denise, for your kind words.
The list of vendors is still in need of expanding. So If anyone out here has more addresses, please. The list has been compiled in a short time because of the help of a couple of people here, thanks.
Funny thing is, that there is no info from France ( mes chers amis, aidez moi s.v.p,), there should be members in Hungary,( kedves Magyar, hol van a gyar, az üzlet, köszönöm) I tried to contact firms in more southern countries in Europe, no reactions. One reaction from Sweden: only readymade.

Concerning the eyes: mine are a bit worn, but in a couple of months time the first results may very well be fresh art made by fresh eyes. Art as always : for eyes to see that can.