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Wafer, I think it was, was one of the first to offer softboxes that supposedly didn't have "fall off". While portrait photographers don't really care, and in fact like the fall off, but people who photograph food and products want a perfectly even distribution from side to side.

I have a number of different "softboxes", and some reflect the light coming off the head back to the back of the box, while others have diffusion in between the head and the diffused front. Others just use the front panel.

Wafer, I think was the first softbox that was not anywhere near as deep as Chimera, Westcott and Photoflex.

I'm digging up this VERY old thread because I have both wafer and chimera and I love chimera for setup, but wafer has much better light OMHO and part of it is their plastic diffuser which has a graduated density heavy in the middle and lightening as it spreads, however the plastic can't be folded they have to roll up, I travel a lot and so the break down and setup is a huge pain compared to chimera which are super easy.

Anyone know of a silk/cloth diffuser that is thick in the middle but graduated to thin at the edges?


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