Ian they are either very stupid or they assume that U.K. buyers are very stupid. However what I am hoping to find out is whether the prices they are asking N American buyers to pay is a big enough margin to allow them to sell in the U.K. at a profit and still be slightly more competitive than U.K retailers which they currently aren't.

I have always had a suspicion that once the U.S./U.K. gap became big enough then some U.S. based enterprise will use what economists call the grey import route to re-export to us and still make a profit.

If the margin is small and the price they are asking on e-bay represents the minimum they need to make a profit then I can conclude that they are stupid as I stated in the original post as this price does not make the strategy worthwhile unless of course U.K. buyers can't even be bothered to check out U.K retailers and think that osuppliers prices represent good value

In which case I will conclude that as General Jack D Ripper said in "Dr Strangelove" to his seconded RAF officer: "Mandrake, the commies are poisoning the water"