So, I have an issue with my Hexar...

I've long needed to do slight levels adjustments to scans of my negatives (especially B&W). But they were usually slight and not on almost every photo. This was with my Nikon's and my Yashica. I knew this because of results from index, contact, and regular prints from the lab.

Fast forward to the Hexar. Colour is generally ok, but B&W (including C-41 Ilford XP2) seems to come up flat, moreso than with my SLR/TLR images, which leads me to wonder if it is the photos from the camera itself. I don't have optical printing equipment so I can't try that unfortunately to be sure.

Yesterday, I began processing my own B&W film. The flatness is even more exaggerated now. Both rolls were HP5, one with a Nikon F90, the other with a Konica Hexar. I noticed early that the Hex seems a bit overexposed to me, maybe because I'm used to slight underexposure, so I try and make sure to set the camera to -0.3 each time. I did that for the Hexar roll I processed myself for most of the roll. The F90 roll has a bit of flatness, which I sort of expect, as that is due to the scanner, but not to the same degree as my Hex roll. The Hexar roll, 95%+ of the frames come out flat and with lots of middle grey. I know it was a bright sunny day, in the winter, so lots of snow, ice...but wouldn't that generally trick the camera into underexposure? Should I try -0.6 or -1.0?

Maybe this is better suited for the B&W processing forum? It could be my darkroom processing. It is worse than on the film I've got lab processed. I'm using DD-X.