I have one-point-something enlargers!

The primary one is an Omega B8 acquired in early 2006 for which I have managed to amass the supplemental condensers, an assortment of negative carriers and El-Nikkor 50mm, 80mm and 105mm lenses. I haven't come up with the 'official' lens cones for the longer lenses, but stopped looking after I fabricated some out of copper-clad laminate and sheet copper. It handles 35mm, 6x6 and 6x9 which pretty well covers me these days.

I also have a Graflarger back that wandered into my hands as salvage decades back. After replacing the disintegrating power cord a few years ago, it appears to light. I have made two sheet metal brackets to attach it to my B&J Press 4x5 in place of the spring-loaded ground glass, but don't currently have a way to suspend the camera in the darkroom (hung under a tripod would be too awkward and tedious. One-of-these-days(tm) I'll work out some sort of wall bracket so I can enlarge an occasional 4x5, but I don't really use that format except for pinhole stuff.

I also have the remains of a crude but somewhat functional enlarger I cobbled together decades ago for Minox. And I still kick myself for not bidding an ePrey auction a while back for a gizmo that mounted in a 39mm enlarger lens thread and used the enlarger as a light source to enlarge sub-miniature stuff. It had its own negative carrier and a focusing lens mount and seemed like a cool idea. It was a commercial product, but I've never seen one before or since! (And I think it went for only a few dollars.)

In the 1960s I had two seriously crude homemade enlargers for 35mm and 4x5, but there is naught left thereof.