Biggest problem of these Zenits , is shutter cloth. After each shot and roll the cloth in to its place , cloth wear from the middle as a vertical white line in the middle of frame. Cloth paint disintegrates with pressure and it starts to leak light. Other problem , if you carry it in a sunny day , lens focus bright light on to frame and cloth burns.
The battery room and light meter electronics are not reliable and you find yourself when opening the battery room , remove the batteries and carve out the thick oxide from the contacts. I bet , after 10 rolls or less , electronics burns and never come back.
Soviet lenses are excellent indoor or bright sunny day. 58 mm Helios is excellent really , I put my Zenit ET in to deep freezer , minus celcius 25 for an one hour and it works like new.
You can buy a Kiev 60 and Carl Zeiss Jena lens and if you CLAed it , it is sexy and takes damn good pictures.