Ive got 5 rolls of K64 24exp in my freezer, awaiting for the time when it can be processed.
I understand its a complicated process and highly skilled requiring great knowledge of the chemistry and developing times etc.
As a few are well aware, Steve Frizza has successfully managed to process it, while its probably not the same exact shape or form as K-14, the results appear somewhat accurate.
The question is, will someone jump on board and set up a lab to process this, even if its only 1 run per year?
I understand and respect Steve's reasoning for not wanting to provide such a service.
What i would like to see though, even if just for informational purposes, is to document and share this information on the process.
Perhaps someone else with the dedication would be able to continue the work from steve?

All i know is this film sells so easy on ebay, i got rid of mine on Ebay, keeping 5 rolls for myself, if its not worth keeping, i may sell it, but for the crazy prices people are bidding on the stuff, i can only assume some people are dead serious about shooting this film someday.

I would like the opportunity to be able to shoot this film if possible, since ive never had the opportunity to do so, i just wish i got into film photography earlier, as ive almost missed the boat on E6 as it is and am shooting my stockpile of ektachrome at the moment, im happy with the results im getting if nothing else.