Try the quick and dirty route of flooding it with naptha (Rosignol Lighter fluid), biut only after removing both front and back elements and determining whether or not your shutter has metal blades (some old shutters had paper aperture blades). There are plenty of folks here who can answer that issue for you if you tell us what the shutter is, but I'm not one of them. You can also try a hair drier to gently heat the shutter while exercising it. Sometimes this loosens up the grunge enough to get the thing working for awhile.

Disclaimer: This NOT a substitute for getting your shutter professionally CLA'd! If the lens is worth keeping, it is worth having cleaned. The naptha treatment might give you a short window of useable time (your results may be very different from my own) during which you can take test shots and determine whether the whole thing is worth the money. CLA's are not terribly expensive, but they aren't cheap, either.