I bought and sell 6 Leicas when I was at 20s. Whenever I bought one , I had had no money for film. I have still a Leica and film money but now there is no lab around or cheap quality and expensive. I am taking my last color pictures. I will switch to entire BW , Kodak + HC110 B and FP4 + Pyrocat. This solution is even more expensive but I will get real negs. May be , for 120 and Velvia 50 , Byzantine Mosaic Series , I will send the slides to Germany.

My other exit strategy is using a Bolex and slide film and tiny neg size , shot one by one.
This is the best option. May be I can use a tele , shot a series horizontal , overlap each other and stitch at computer. I want elegantly saturated pictures. May be I can do BW Street also.

If the film chemical prices increases and selection drops ,and no more cheap processing and scan with HQ , I believe 16 or 8 mm cameras will be seen more. At least cinema people have more optiions with ICCs.