Well it was gas, I have to admit.

I started with a canon bottom loader with canon 50mm f1.8 LTM but then i wanted a better camera (M3), and then I wanted faster lenses (some f1.4's), and then I wanted better bokeh (Sonnars), and then I did some sales and someone offered a summicron as a trade (I thought, why not?), so now I have these two lenses and a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 LTM. Nikkor is going for sure because it has no "advantages" to either of these lenses. It is a sonnar clone so might as well keep the original, I'd say.

I did research into the lenses but I'm beginning to think that there is a lot of hype to some lenses (ofcourse this is completely debatable and controversial) so now I'm thinking that I just need one instead of a palatte and just let the lens draw the way it wants to draw. Not necessarily because I need the money (but I am by no means wealthy), but just to liberate myself from having too many of what is similar. I absolutely love Leica and can see why people would spend the money for the cameras/lenses so I am by no means bashing.