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Keep in mind that flare doesn't change the film's toe... it only affects the light falling on the film plane.

This is an example situation where you can see "more clearly" what's happening because you separated your flare tests from your film tests.
Bill, I've been wanting to touch on this and even thought about doing it in a new thread. I need to put together a couple of illustrations.

In the mean time, here is a chart showing the values off of my four quadrant curves. The top set of numbers are from a no flare situation. The bottom from a one stop flare. Both exposures place the Zone I exposure on 0.10 over Fb+f. Flare has doubled the shadow exposure from 0.0041 to 0.0082. The value of 0.0041 is added to each step. At Zone VIII, it doesn't even make a dent. Flare has also reduced the 8 Zone range down to 7. The 1.14 non flare NDR becomes 0.98 with flare. The paper grades are adjusted to match the NDRs and LERs. The Q4 reproduction curve gradients show how the local contrast is affected.