My concern about the old Calumet/Kodak/B&J is that after the class is over, I'M stuck with it taking up space around the house and it's not a camera I would want to use between classes. I'll definitely be trotting out the Canham 5x7 when it comes time to demo the differences between various camera types (monorail vs field, larger formats, etc) but I don't want to use it too much because I don't think the school where I teach has any enlargers that can handle bigger than 4x5 negs. The whole plate will make a showing on the camera types day as it's sort of a hybrid between studio and field cameras (an old Seneca "black beauty" with the screw-on bed extension) but I won't use it for class as it has very limited movements and I don't have the budget to go burning whole plate sheet film for students to learn on. The goal is for students to get a feel for an affordable way in to the medium. I might end up with getting two cameras so students can buddy up and work together in small groups.