It's time to de-junk myself. These are items I've purchased along the way with good intentions but never got used. Time to get rid of them to recover some space for even more junk.

From left to right:

This device has a lamp inside it and there is a place to mount a slide or film on top. It is designed to be used along with a camera to duplicate slides. $20
4 domes are safe lights by Kodak. There are two bases with tiny lamps and two green and two orange domes. They screw into standard lamp sockets $15 for all
A filter you see there is a linear polarizer. 62mm. $5
Two 35mm reels and one mystery reel. (I think it's for 126 films) How about $5 for all 3?
Two tall cans - one with plastic top and one with metal top. $5 each
Kodak rubber squeegee. $5

Do you care about condition of these items? If so, please ask, I'll describe them to you. They are used, some are well used.
Please ask questions, I honestly don't know what more to say about these items.

Paypal is OK. I'm in 32703 zip code, you pay shipping.