I'm realy a noobie here although I joined Oct of 2012, I only signed up as a "paying" member just the other day. I've only had a half dozen posts here so far.

Some history on me...

I've been involved with photography since I was 18 yrs old (63 yrs old next mo) with my first 35mm, a Yashica electro 35 rangefinder. I progressed to 35mm tlr with Rusian Zenit E, Fugica ST601, and a number of Minoltas. (I still have and use all my Minolta 35mm film cameras).

In the early 70's I had a custom and rush B&W darkroom business that I setup in a bedroom of my home. It paid for my photo habit for about 15 yrs until I had to give the room over to my second daughter born in 1986. I haven't been into the darkroom business since.

But I also did quite a bit of Wedding photography too with my Yashica Mat 124G. Talk about a change from 35mm negatives and enlargements.
My wedding photography allowed me to graduate to a 500c/m for a few years but I sold it for 2/3rds of my 3 year leas cost. Would have been nice to keep but other things required its sale. I also taught a photography class as a volunteer for the Navy League Wrenette Corps.

I bought an old view camera about 25 years ago. Very rarely used but when I do use it, it's a joy. Burke & James Rembrandt Portrait Camera Model one. Has a Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 180mm f4.5 & Compur Shutter. This camera has the full 4x5 back but also a sliding back that allows exposure of 1/2 the film width followed by the second exposure on the other half. It was originally owened and used by the Montreal Police Dept. for taking mugshots! They exposed 1/2 for front and second 1/2 for profile and had both on file on the SAME NEGATIVE to prevent any mix-ups.

It's 5 or 6 years since I've used any film (I don't realy like the term "analogue) photography but headed that way again. Not about to put the Sony A100 away completely since it is convenient to use.

I've now invested some money into a Bronica ETRSi outfit. I have the 50mm MC wide angle, the 75mm PE normal and the 250mm PE lenses. Keeping an eye out for a 150mm PE lens. Also have WL and non-metered Prism finder, 2 backs for 120 and a 220 insert with case. Bought original rear lens caps but genairic front caps.

Just started shooting some Fuji iso 160 color neg film. Not being too creative with first couple rolls... just want to see it works.

I've just bought a Minolta M Spotmeter on APUG and it is being put in the mail today. I'm soon getting a flatbed scanner that will do scans of 120 negatives. I will also need to replace my photo printer soon... just plain died after 5 or 6 years.

Oh... Forgot to say what work I retired from... Communications tech for 30 years... Retired since 2005.

Ps: I do have a physical disability that limits what I can do lugging camera gear or traveling in the back woods or hiking trails but I won’t give up.