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Olympus OM-1n / Zuiko 21mm F/3.5
Yellow filter

Film : Kodak T-Max 100

Developer: Kodak HC-110 (@75F) Dilution H
Stop Bath: Water
Fixer: TF-4

Presoak: 1 minute
Development: 10 minutes (30 seconds agitation then 5 inversions every 30 seconds)
Stop Bath: 1 minute (continuous agitation)
Fix: 6 minutes (5 inversions once a minute)
Final wash: 8 minutes
Soak in PhotoFlo (two drops): 1 minute
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Nice results.

So, are you happy with what you get so far? I do the same steps as you did buy i stop bath for 30sec instead of 1min and fix for 5min instead of 6 and wash for 10min, will that make any difference you think or you still new to know the difference?