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As I recall the hoity-toity art photography schools, whose students worked with large prints a lot, never believed in flipping the print over (air bubbles). Have you tried simply grabbing a corner with tongs and hand-agitating the print? To this country boy your agaiation triple-header sounds like a dog-and-pony show. Do you tap dance while all this is going on? I think you need to streamline and smooth out your agitation. YOu're giving your prints cardiac arrest.
I thought air bubbles were from NOT turning the print over?

I always slide the print in face up, get it saturated with developer then turn it over and slide it in face down. No problems with unevenness. I develop FB prints for at least 3 minutes, sometimes 4 or even 5. I have had stains on both MGIV FB WT and Adox MCC110 from fingerprints, though the MGIV is much more susceptible. I use tongs but they do get awkward with 16x20 and sometimes require a helping hand, and this has (but far from always) resulted in stains in fingerprint patterns. I find gloves almost intolerable. I'm not worried about exposure to occasional small amounts of the usual developers (I would always wear gloves if I used amidol though.)

No matter how you do it, 16x20 is starting to get awkward and easily damaged for standard double weight FB paper. RC is a bit easier in this regard.