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Now, yesterday, I began processing my own B&W film. I did two rolls of HP5 in DD-X. One from the Nikon F90, one from the Konica Hexar. The F90 ones are generally fine in scans, a few aren't, but I'm used to that from before and know it's just the scanner. With the Hexar roll, however, almost every photo is overexposed and flat. Granted, it was a sunny winter day, lots of white snow and ice. But wouldn't that trick the camera into underexposure (higher shutter speed, thinking the scene is brighter than it is)?
You are right in your thinking about how the meter would be affected.

It is a distinct possibility, given your description, that the problem you have is not a scanner, developer, or film issue, but actually "flare". The lenses on your cameras may actually be the difference.

The optics on your Hexar may simply be affected by or imparting more stray rays of light that eventually get to the film than the Nikon lens.

The fix may be as simple as using a lens hood or your hand to protect the front element on your Hexar from seeing stray light. Worth a try