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Good thing I've been pretty film-intensive for the last 30 years! I guess maybe one regret is I never got into motion picture stuff... Still like the ektar 100 and shooting as much of /that/ as I can while i can, but there's nothing like looking at your wet just developed 'chromes in full life-color.
There's still time for motion pictures!

Certain German company dedicated to 8mm and 16mm film is cutting Fuji stocks to these formats, so that when they run out of E100D, they'll be replacing it with Velvia 100 (they cut and package it themselves). At the moment they sell also Velvia 50D for super-8. Rumors tell that they are also going to bring the Agfa Aviphot (the Rollei e6) to super-8. And those are just the color reversal options, there are many color negatives (Kodak just brought Vision3 50D to super-8 and they also have 200T and 500T) and many many more bw options.