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I never said I can tell them apart. My point was, almost nobody can...

What "better results" are you talkig about. I meant to say: you can't trust your lens with anything, you have to watch out or it will fail you.
Oh, little things like, say, sharpness.

I'm not saying you can't get good art from any camera, but you can't get the SAME art from any camera. You use the right tool for the job. I use a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 wide open for available-light dance photography (something I couldn't do with any other glass I own), and a $10 Recesky or Holga for "toy camera" shots outdoors.

For want of a "glock" you can achieve the same result with a crowbar.
Now that's just ridiculous, and it makes my point perfectly. For want of a Glock to stop an attacker 10 yards away from you, you have to put yourself in much more danger, allowing an assailant to get within crowbar range, to fend him off.

The camera is a tool, but it's not "just" a tool: the right tool makes the difference between success an failure. Ask a watchmaker.