Serious questions to BTZS:

What can I learn from your book, about creative photography, that I haven't from John Blakemore's Black and White Workshop? I believe Blakemore is the greatest modern black and white photographer & printer, who employs the zone system, yet his book makes a point of disregarding the finer points, in order to emphasise its practical and creative application. I believe it's a timely addition to the 'Zone System Manual' canon and really understands the sensibilities of newcomers to the darkroom today. Black and White Workshop has helped me no end, productively, and I feel to go any deeper would simply be technical procrastination. What can a creative photographer really learn from sensitometry, in this day and age?

I hope you don't think I'm goading, but the issue of 'niche thinking' about traditional photography is something I truly believe is a threat to its wider appeal, at such a critical time for film. Unabashed experimentation, to creative ends, is what draws most newcomers today and this playfulness or 'unexpectedness' (something Micheal Kenna reiterates as being the biggest joy for him) has come to define film, in the 21st Century, as an 'art media'. And I feel rightfully so. Unfortunately, it's mostly the Zone System enthusiasts who seem chastise these people.

Personally, I enjoy control in photography, I work loosely with the zone system and calibration, but today, when people want to do it completely by the numbers, they shoot digital.