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I just find the K1000 over-rated. It's hair shirted minimalism for the sake of it.
Hmmm. That is an interesting opinion. A guy picks up an M3 and shoots it and he is an artist but if a guy picks up a K1000 it becomes "hair shirted minimalism." The K1000 is arguably more versatile than the Leica and cost a heck of a lot less to buy. Face it, what more do you really need to take a picture?

If I needed a self-timer then I wouldn't use the K1000. If I needed a depth of field preview the K1000 wouldn't be my first choice. But I rarely use either of those features, so the lack of them hardly bothers me. It just means there are fewer things to go wrong.

But if you do need a very, very reliable manual camera that can use just about any of the very wonderful lenses that Pentax has manufactured over the years then the K1000 is terrific choice. I bought mine in the early 80s and have never regretted it. It has shot pictures steadily and reliably since I bought it and it has never let me down. Let me repeat that. It has "Never Let Me Down." If I had film in the camera, and my exposure settings were correct, I always came away with a picture. I have owned a number of other cameras since I bought the K1000 and I cannot make that statement about several of them, even a couple of Leicas that I spent a heck of a lot more money on.

Based on my personal experience with it this camera is hardly over-rated. To the contrary, I find that lots and lots of people are more than happy to under-rate it at every possible opportunity. I can certainly agree that the K1000 is not for everyone. There are lots and lots of very nice cameras in the world so take your pick. Some want auto exposure options. Others want a different meter readout. The lack of auto focus turns some people off. A few people want mirror lock up. But it still is a very capable, very tough, camera. Just because you don't want one, don't run it down.

Like a lot of other people, I seriously doubt that I have learned enough to outgrow my K1000 yet. And since I am a very slow learner it is likely that I never will.

After all, everyone knows, it is the perfect students camera.