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The real story here for me is just how 'last chance' photography is becoming... reminds me of shopping in the USSR: if you see it buy it, even if you don't need it, because you may never see it again and at least can sell it.

I myself in the US am now trying to shoot as much Ektar as I can, around my E6 and B/W, since I assume it'll be a few months or maybe a year or so when we find /that/ discontinued too (As I did with Kodachrome 10 years ago, and E6 a few years ago, and finally MP 100D last year - but the lead time seems to be shortening). At the very least I'd guess it'll get more expensive soon.

It's sad and a little frightening to be on this sinking ship of color photography, but I'm going down with the ship (so to speak).
Kodachrome 10 years ago?? 2009 was 10 years ago?

Ok, I checked and found K25 was discontinued in 2002. I had no idea when. It was just too darned slow for me to use anyway. I don't think I ever shot a single roll of it.