And, removing the elements, especially in normal lenses, is quite easy. What I do (as frugal as I am out of necessity!) is this. I take a tiny bit (1" x 1") of duct tape and fold it over a couple of times to make a tiny square. I do this twice to have two squares. Then I carefully place each square about 180 degrees apart on the metal logo ring around the front element. Then with a blund pair of scissors I carefully place each knife on a square and apply a bit of pressure and turn counter clockwise to unloosen the logo ring.

I do not remember if this specific lens is done this way as some lenses allow one to turn (by hand) the entire front metal housing (with the filter thread). If it does not turn by hand then do what I said with the scissors. I wish you were in Philadelpha: I would do this for you. - David Lyga