A few comments are in order here.

Mixing problems go way way up with RS (Run Salt - or Double Run) emulsion makes because the rate, position etc, become more critical. As a note here, with SR and SRAD, I have found little effect on the position of the entry point. With RS makes there is a problem.

We used tubing. We had a plate with holes in it that the tubing went into, and this positioned them at the right place. For back pressure, we used glass or metal constrictors (like the tips on all plastic syringes with a feeding tip on them). These constrictors evened out the flow. There is a demo of this on the second DVD that I made, but it is very simple.

Baffles were used to INCREASE turbulence, and we did NOT want to decrease turbulence. Go back to my toothpaste example and you will see what I mean, or look at the mixer photos I posted here about a year ago.