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Take a standard inner baffle diffuser and get someone to sew a circle of diffusion in the middle. Play around with different sizes & thicknesses (use pins or something) if you want to dial it in.

When I need something like this done (custom scrim-jim fabrics, etc) I go to the fabric store - many keep a binder of business cards from little old ladies who sew. Anyone who makes draperies & curtains (most of 'em do) can make you all sorts of stuff. I had a blackout curtain made for a large studio I had - 15' x 18'. I supplied the fabric. Lady charged me twenty bucks, all I needed was a grommet tool and a sack of grommets.

By the way, I have a 6' octabox for my speedotron gear - it fires towards the face, just like any softbox. The only benefit is it's much shallower than a similar rectangle. Can't recall the maker, but it is handy. I like it without the face and just the internal baffle for a look that's soft yet harsh...
Yea I can do it, I have the sewing capabilities, I guess I was just looking for something pre-made if it existed, guess not, I'll just have to cut the fabric and sew it myself and hope it's as nice, the thing about the plastic and dots is that toward the edges it's almost see through, something that can't be easily done with cloth. Thanks guys.