I agree and disagree with LJH. For landscape work, I would steer clear of a monorail and look for a field camera - Tachihara or it's ilk are good, but looking for a full kit with a budget of $400 is going to make that hard. As a result, I would probably spend more money on a nice lens - depending on the type of landscape stuff that you are interested in something between 90mm and 150mm, and then go for a low cost camera - which will probably put you with a graphic camera. If you get bitten by the LF bug, you can keep that lens, and sell the camera for whatever you paid for it, and upgrade to something else. One of the nice things about LF is that everything is interchangeable- the film holders that you buy to use with a graphic camera will work with any other 4x5, similarly with lenses etc.

Movements are nice, but not as needed in landscape as in other types of photography.

FWIW, I use a plastic field camera (Walker Titan), which has far more movements than I ever take advantage of. I upgraded to that from a Crown Graphic, and kept the same set of lenses, film holders, hood, focus loupe etc that I had invested in earlier with the press camera.

IMO a Rotating back is a nice to have. Tripod is a necessity, and it can't be too sturdy.