I bet Acros is going to come closest to the look you want. I shoot Pan F and it's a great film too but Acros will probably look more like Pan-X.

The only reason to use a film as slow as that today even if you could find one would be to intentionally use long shutter speeds and/or wide apertures in light that otherwise wouldn't permit it without ND filters. Today's best 100 speed films are finer grained than Pan-X was. They do look different (TMX I agree with Gerald looks VERY different) but Acros has pretty steep highlight contrast. That will probably be closest.

And with gear prices the way they are today I don't understand putting a 35mm camera on a tripod and shooting stopped down at slow shutter speeds for landscapes. Just get yourself a bigger camera. Getting grainless looking results, if that's what you are after, will be so much easier. The only reason I'd shoot landscapes in 35mm off a tripod nowadays would be to shoot transparencies for projection since 35mm projectors are common and cheap and medium format ones are neither. At one time, when medium and large format gear was expensive it made sense to use the finest grained films you could get to make big enlargements of landscapes and such from 35mm negatives. Now used film gear is so affordable, just use a bigger camera. Like in vehicles where there's no substitute for horsepower, there's no real substitute for a big enough negative, though today that can easily be 6x7 or even 6x4.5, today's films are SO good.