My own darkroom is in a small half bathroom. I have to setup and breakdown each time I want to print, so it is a hassle for me to print.
The enlarger sets on the toilet, and I have to use a drum or rocking print tray to process the prints, as I do not have the counter space for trays.

I use a Durst M600 (condenser enlarger) that I got back in 1971. It packs into its box and stores fairly easily.
There is nothing wrong with using a condenser enlarger vs. a color head. Dealing with the VC filters is not very difficult, I did it for years. Yes it is not as convenient as just turning a dial on a color head. But don't let that be an issue. The real issue is condenser vs diffusion lighting. Color heads use diffusion lighting. Do research on that subject. There are pro/cons for both, so there is no "right" answer. Also if you develop your own film, you would adjust the flim development so it will print on grade 2 paper with YOUR enlarger, be it condenser or diffusion.

I suggest getting the enlarger that you want, rather than settle for something you rather not have only because it is a kit.
Building the kit yourself is not difficult. Lots of stuff on eBay or Craigslist (in the US).