Whether there is an extra charge or not it will be worth it. When she comes over at night purring and curls up next to my head, well lets just say its better than any sleeping pill. She has made it plain more than once that I am her human, she basically lives in our bedroom, and since she got the antibiotic shot (it lasts 2 weeks, which I like, it prevents blood loss) and I changed to the urinary health cat food, she started using the box again.

The lens is a Sigma 400mm lens that has the Ricoh mount for my Ricoh kr-30-sp. I would have been far more upset if she had gotten my Weston light meter.

I am just glad that it was an easy fix, and she will be around for a while yet.

Thanks for all the help and advice!

For those who would lilke to know, there are a couple of products that work very well I don't know what its called in Europe, but here it's called Oxy Clean, its a laundry additive and its great at removing cat odor. The other, as mentioned here, is an enzyme cleaner here, its called Nature's Miracle.

Thanks again!