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Michael, I don't think it is actually less exposure in the shadows, especially with pre-exposure. It's pre-exposure + main exposure = normal shadow point. At the high end though total exposure can be lower.

With flare there is only one exposure so I'm not sure how that gets any extra.
CPorter indicated under these conditions he might give up to 2/3 stop less exposure (I assume this to mean 2/3 stop less exposure than he would otherwise give based on his meter readings and planned development). Pre-exposure + (normal main exposure less 2/3 stop). I'm saying if anything this will result in reduced local contrast through more of the subject range vs Pre-exposure + normal main exposure).

I think we're all sort of on the same page regarding flare as pre-exposure. I'm just challenging the notion giving less exposure than one normally would, improves anything. If anything it puts more of the subject into the part of the curve that is compressed.

I guess we'll just agree to disagree on this. I don't want to start pissing people off. The more people who participate in these threads the better.