Often it can help to take a break and come back with fresh eyes - especially when you're just starting out. Sometimes when you come back fresh it is easier to notice things in the print that need fixing/adjustment. It can also sometimes help to hang the print upside down. When you do that, some of the familiarity of the subject is removed, at least for a short time, and this can make it easier to focus on tonal relationships. Tonal relationships that are "illogical" (in the case above - both arms in sun but one is way darker), and other things that need adjustment, will tend to jump out at you a little more than while you're hard at work printing.

And don't be afraid of going through some paper and taking time to come to the final print. This is totally normal at any skill level. And the end result is worth the effort and time.

Just a few tips unrelated to split grade printing.