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I'm just challenging the notion giving less exposure than one normally would, improves anything. If anything it puts more of the subject into the part of the curve that is compressed.
Now here is where I want to point out that you both can be right, and keep plugging away at what you like.

Michael R 1974, I am in the camp where I don't change EI based on conditions. So for simplicity, I would NOT lower my exposure when faced with a scene that is buzzing with flare.

CPorter, I totally support your idea to reduce exposure slightly in such a scene. Maybe you are holding your highlights off the shoulder? Maybe you see the shadows are badly compressed anyway so you aren't making things (much) worse than they already are.

But after staring at this flare-included camera step wedge test family of curves (thanks Rafal Lukawiecki for the data), I think Michael R 1974 is right. You are well-advised to get up out of the very flat toe. I would keep Zone I above the little diamonds (0.1 speed point) or at least above the little 'c' marks (they happen to be what I used as Contrast Index measurement endpoints, meaningless on their own, especially meaningless because of the flare, but I have a hunch these little 'c' marks are a good place for Zone I exposures).