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P.S. OK the B&H price is $66.99(about 42) for the paper I was referring to which is Ilford MGIV RC 8x10 x100 sheet box. Is this the best price in N America?
Sorry that my post was confusing, yes I would guess that B&H has one of the best prices , B&H is a large multi-floor camera store in New York USA and they have a major mail order business. I often buy my film from them even though I am in Canada.

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If this is the case then a good U.K. retailer sells the same stuff for under 39 so I'll have to conclude that osuppliers are exceedingly stupid to expect to sell anything in the U.K. given that they are asking over double the price.
I would guess that a high volume suppler in the UK should be able to sell the product somewhat cleaper than someone who has to pay to get it across the atlantic in the first place.

As far as the E-bay seller, Most of the titems that they have listed on ebay.co.uk that I looked at ship from Swanasea (spelling) Whales. If I look at ebay.ca the same seller lists (different) items in Brantford ontario. I did not try e-bay com. MOST of the items in both places were Cell Phone add-ons and simalar items.