I chose 3 - only because I'll go to the next on the list, if the former isn't available.

1. Atomal FF (still got a couple of bags left, and they're still going strong)
2. D76 - stock standard that you truly can't go wrong with, and almost any store will have it on the shelf if I get in trouble.
3. Rodinal - not had a lot of experience with this developer, but the Agfa films I processed in this looked good, but I'll admit I haven't used it on other films.

Have used ID11 in college - pretty much the same as D76; in all honesty, my Atomal FF is my favourite and I have it matched to my shooting down to a T. The others - they give me good, usable negs, although they can be a bit "thick" at times. (Purely my errors - not the dev!)