Well, as you all know i am new to film and first time i did process my film was in 2010, then 2011 i stopped due to dad death and left job, 2012 recovering year, now in this year i will try to get back to film photography.

That period in the past i was using 3 developers, Ilfosol 3, TMAX and D-76, out of three TMAX and Ilfosol 3 where my favorite, but in 2011 i think or 2012 i started to use HC-110 [Dil H] and loved it, so this became also another favorite developer, now i have 3 nice developer i like results of it i am going to test 3-4 more developers, Diafine, Pyrocat HD, Rodinal when i will make it from scratch if i succeed, and maybe XTOL which i bought so long time ago and never opened it yet, i have ID-11 but it is same as D-76 which i didn't like much even i got good nice results but not on par as mentioned devs, also i have Microphen, and i have ingredients for Caffenol too.

Caffenol is for tests only.
Microphen for Delta high speed films [Delta 3200].
XTOL is my first dream dev but its 5-L made me to change my mind to use it.
Pyrocat-HD for my LF films [When i will prepare it from scratch later].
Rodinal for last long dev needed when some of my devs are dead or exhausted quickly and for stand dev.
Diafine is for push processing.