And to make my film/dev combo list here is what i will go for:

-TMAX dev: Tmax 100/400, Acros 100

-HC-110: Delta 100/400, HP5+, Tri-X, Acros 100

-Ilfosol 3: Pan F+, FP4+, Acros 100

-Microphen: Delta 3200/400

-Diafine: Tri-X, HP5+ [both at box speed or push]

-ID-76 lol: both dev for Tri-X and Arista Prem and Foma films

-Pyrocat: for LF films doesn't matter which one, but i think i will use it for Arista Premium and HP5+

-Caffenol: as for test it will be used mostly for Arista Prem

-XTOL: If i will use this dev then the most films i like to use with this one will be Acros 100, TMAX 400 and HP5+, i will test Tri-X with it because i see Tri-X is a high recommended film but i didn't like it with D-76 even i tried many times, got not bad or good results but didn't beat my results from Acros and TMAX 400, even HP5+ was better for me over Tri-X, so maybe XTOL will make it shining and winner.