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I was leaning towards the Industar. Any one have any photo examples taken with it. J
Digging through the archives from 1977, here are a few pics from a Zenit-E / Industar 50 F3.5 combo on Plus-X.

The subject is the chopping up of a Standard 8, (literally by hand with an axe), after we had salvaged the few parts worth keeping.

The last two shots are the rear end of a Suzuki T500, note that you can read the registration year of 1977 - 1978 on the rego sticker.

In general my sample was quite sharp and contrasty. I'd never heard of bokeh in those days but I would describe it as neutral.
Must dig it out one day as I have adapters for M42 to several bayonet mounts and see what it can do.