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Although I wouldn't buy anything from Lomography because of the ridiculous prices, I think that the Zenits basic as they are are likely to be some of the longest lasting film cameras. Ignoring the exposure meters, which are crude and not much use, there are no electronics to go wrong or foam seals to turn into goo. There is only the shutter blinds which will eventually need replacing, although those on my Zenit-E bought in the 1970s are still OK.Otherwise the camera should last forever. It is becoming harder to find a Pentax for example which works reliably. For many purposes a simple all manual camera is all that is needed and it is satisfying to be completley in control of the lens aperture and shutter speed.
for 50 dollars you can get a choice of, for what i know. all much realiable in tolerances, better assembled etc. etc. then any soviet camera on earth.
Only thing really referred as "very good" in soviet camera world are the legendary bags in "true soviet jak", and of course many lenses, if you get a well assembled one.
Ricoh and other brands as well produced very good SLR in K mount baionet way more reliable and actually as affordable as russian ones...
imho, of course