I might eventually attempt to fix. After saying that I need to stop buying cameras on eBay, I bought a Nikon FM. Hopefully 3rd camera is the charm (though if not, I should be getting my FA back next week) I'd been looking for a 28mm Nikon lens (well, mostly for a Nikkor lens, but you know what I mean), and there was one (a Series E) going for less with an FM than for the lens alone. It'd be nice if the FM is working, but of course, the seller said they hadn't taken pictures, but had loaded it with film and it snapped through several frames with no problems. I guess time will tell. Also doesn't mean the meter is working.

Anyway, all that to say, if it winds up being usable, and the FA is usable, I might try to look into the problem...or just wait until I can afford a proper repair, and make sure I don't make it worse.