You say "JOBO processed" but you aren't specific. Does your JOBO have a lift? Are you introducing chems through the lift, or pouring in by hand and then loading on the rotation motor? If the latter, your marks on the 6x12 image look exactly like marks I got on my 4x5 sheet film developed in a JOBO tank with hand agitation. The problem in my case was due to pouring the chems in too fast, overflowing the funnel, and having fluid enter through the top edges of the funnel, rather than through the bottom. This causes developer to streak down the film from top to bottom, which is a disaster. If this is the case, you need to pour more slowly, so that the funnel doesn't overflow. It is much harder to overflow the Patterson tank, because the funnel is much bigger and the top edges are visible.

If this is not the case, I might suggest you add a 5 minute prewet (another PE suggestion I believe) which will help with the introduction of the developer. I do a prewet now with c-41 and no longer ever see any irregularity, when it dogged me before.

If none of the above are an issue, I would ask about your agitation speed - you might need to adjust your rotation speed, but that is way down on this list of troubleshooting steps for me.

The nature of your marks (especially the 6x12 in the JOBO) look a lot like a developer issue, not a bleach fix issue, as mine was, but I'm no expert.

Regarding the temps: I tried Tetenal C-41 at 86 degrees and got cross over. Didn't like it, went back to 100 degrees. Perfect color.

Good luck!