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Hmmm. That is an interesting opinion. A guy picks up an M3 and shoots it and he is an artist but if a guy picks up a K1000 it becomes "hair shirted minimalism." The K1000 is arguably more versatile than the Leica and cost a heck of a lot less to buy. Face it, what more do you really need to take a picture?

If I needed a self-timer then I wouldn't use the K1000. If I needed a depth of field preview the K1000 wouldn't be my first choice. But I rarely use either of those features, so the lack of them hardly bothers me. It just means there are fewer things to go wrong.
Good point. In an old Leica ad, Leica calls the users of the M3 as intelligent users to try and stem the tide of SLR migration!

Lack of self timer then use an external type . . .

You want DOF, then set the aperture, unlock the lens and turn until it is almost off.

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