DD-X for all the T-grain stuff
Ilfsol 3 for PanF+ PLUS-X, OLD FILMS like GAF from the 60's etc.
HC-110 B but didn't like it, had a nice shiny glow from far away, but the worst muddy blur of grain I've ever seen, but was used on an unfamiliar film, going to try it again to be sure.

Have not used but bought ...

and for the heck of it just picked up an ancient can of Kodak Polydol that could be interesting...

I like developers that last a long time as I don't always process a lot, I get on kicks of processing then go for a while without. I prefer cheap developers but want quality over price so DD-X I think will always be my friend.

Really like both the ilford stuff, though I can't seem to enjoy Acros, it always looks muddy no matter what, I'm going to try something new with it, maybe Rodinal will give it that sharp look I want?