Through most of my formative child years, the family had pastel green plastic 120 or 620 camera that came free with a gas tank fill up. (Remember when gas stations would compete for your business by giving away free stuff?) We had the B&W pictures developed at the local stationery store in town. It took about a week to get the pictures back. The camera had a light leak so all the beach pictures came out with a big blotch at the bottom of the frame. My family saw nothing wrong with this for some reason, it was just the way the camera worked.

My first real camera was a fixed lens (50mm f2.8) Ricoh SLR with a big selenium cell on the front of the pentaprism. In retrospect, the build quality of the camera wasn't the greatest, but a picture I took of the Unisphere at the 1964/1965 World's Fair won second prize in a local photo contest. I still have some outstanding Kodachrome II slides taken with this camera. When Kodachrome 25 and 64 replaced it, I stopped using Kodachrome, since it was obvious that the new Kodachromes were a pale imitiation of Kodachrome II.
Feeling the limitations of a fixed, slow 50mm lens I bought a Minolta SRT101 with 58mm f 1.4 and a 200mm f3.5. When it developed shutter problems I bought a Leicaflex SL and never really escaped from the whole Leica mystique thing.

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