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I've been looking to find some info on the subject but no luck, maybe someone that tried this can help. Here's the situation;
I'm using the Tetenal E6 kit (1L or 5L). The thing is, I'm usually developing one or two films at a time, so I simply mix up only 170ml of chemistry (I'm using a Jobo, that's slightly above the minimum 140ml for rotation).
The instructions mention that 1L of working solution is enough for 12 films, so 170ml should be enough for 2 films, right?
Is anybody doing this successfully? Could 150ml be used for two films, but not at the same time (finish one, then load the next and use the same batch of chemicals)? And how long would the used solutions last, i.e. would it be possible to do one film, save the used chemicals and use it for another film after a week?
I asked that question some time ago on the LFF forum and at Tetanal themselves, and it is possible. If you are on LFF, search for threat started by me and you should find it.


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