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Peter Lik "is" a prime example? Elaborate.
Have you actually met and viewed Peter Lik's vast body of work, particularly his Ilfochrome Classic works that sell for around $28,000-plus? There is every chance Lik has made a very comfortable living for himself through hard work and determination (and financial sacrifice), rather than dangling on forums making wild and spurious generalisations about others. He chooses his subjects very carefully, his market even with more care.

Unless you know a person well, refrain from making value-based judgements on their style and/or quality of work.
Just need to clarify something first. When I said 'beyond awful' I didn't mean to insinuate they're terrible, but that their work, because of its status, is almost beyond judgement. I think some of Gursky's work is interesting and some of Lik's quite beautiful.

Peter Lik is a prime example of a fine art photographer in that he doesn't have a selective market. The prints selling on his website are $195 and his work of the 'above the couch' variety - decorative and accessible to all.

Don't buy the "unless you know a person" thing. I haven't met Paul Strand either.

The only judgement I made was about the spheres these two photographers work in. Unlikely you'll see them at the same disco.