My main point above is that a true "fine" artist (and my definition differs from that above) really cares little to examine in such detail as to why they use what they use as tools. The work is more important and they would likely not be so inclined nor see much value in diving so deeply into something like this. The gear and tech weenies perhaps but then what does that represent in the end? Those who quite possibly spend more time discussing and comparing their gear than actually producing photography that would be considered any kind of decent art (vague I know).

Five months ago that blogger posted something that included him saying things like this (

"Who cares how you create your work."

"I could personally care less how someone creates something. Why would anyone care? I look at prints and artwork and I could honestly care less how the artist created it."

"To each their own and the discussions around which equipment is used (digital, film, etc) is a silly waste of time."

I just find it very curious that this same person seems so enthralled now with a project based on finding out what equipement people use and why, sort of encapsulated when he says this (

"Be sure to include a list of your favorite equipment, formats, mediums (e.g., roll film, large format sheet film, dry plates, ambrotypes, ferrotypes, etc.) in your response if appropriate and focus on the “why”. Think of this as an opportunity to explain why you choose to work with these specific tools when high-tech modern tools are available to you.