Pre-war Retina 1 (type 119) that belonged to my father. He picked it up used in Berlin during the occupation in 1946. He had a Weston Master II meter to go with it. I was 13, and he taught me how, and let me to start using it. We shot Kodachrome II, ASA 25, almost exclusively. The following year, 1970, I bought a new Pentax Spotmatic with 55/1.8 Super Takumar with my summer job earnings. I think it was around $250 at the time, I bought it from one of the New York City mail order houses that used to advertise in the back of the camera magazines. I remember Mom was totally opposed to me spending all my money, but she was wrong - it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. I still have it and use it, and except for the meter going non-linear, it works well.

Postscript- Dad never said as much, but I think he was a bit miffed his 14-year-old kid had a better camera than he! Later that summer, he bought a used Leica IIIc from Olden Camera in NY. The Retina was then effectively retired, but lingered around the family until 1996, when it was sold at a garage sale. Damn, that was just a few years before I became interested in cameras again, wish I still had it. I did inherit the Leica.