Well, I've just made a suggestion that Ethics and Philosophy threads should be user rated from 'Neanderthal' to 'Socrates'. This is pretty heavy stuff.
I'll need to come back to this and give it some more thought, I've only skimmed over it - let's see how far the discussion gets!

But for now I'll say that, through my own self directed study over the past year or so, I've recently come to understand photographic perception - in regard to symbolism and cultural reference - in two spheres; objects and information. Objects I feel are what most photographers think in terms of and critically, are at risk of becoming disillusioned by ("everything has been photographed"). Thinking in terms of 'information', in that oft-quoted 'state of heightened awareness', is where the most interesting work, post-Steven Shore has headed. I'm interested in the uncanny in photography - which is nearly always, it seems to me, a contextual construct - as opposed to an overtly authored message (I'm thinking Minor White specifically for that). This kind of investigation seems to be bubbling under the surface of contemporary photography. Thanks for the link.